Friday, April 25, 2008

What dreams may come

Friday is finally here. Not sure why but I am excited about that. I have no reason for anything to be different and yet I feel like something will change. I find myself fantasizing about opportunities that seem to be just around the corner. Or this could be one of those dreams where the more you get nearer something the farther away it seems to be.  

Last night was the first boat night of the year. God blessed me with a perfect Thursday evening of 70 plus degrees and practically no wind. It became chilly after sunset but after putting on a sweatshirt it was very comfortable. Janet was my only guest as all the others had other commitments. It was really Janet's idea anyway. For some reason she was really looking forward to evenings on the boat and was bugging me about it even a week ago. So we sat back and chatted over wine for 2 hours. It feels good to finally be outside again.

Janet, Judy, Jami and Roberta are all going to are Caribbean Saturday. They will be gone for the week. They are all kidding me that I will be spending all my time with Coleen now. And they are also probably saying the same thing to her. I am receptive to the idea. But I'll have to wait and see.

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dontyouwant2no said...

damn I wish I could take a boat ride. Ima have to come visit u one day. lol