Monday, April 14, 2008

More confusion on Sunday

Sunday morning I dragged my sorry butt out of bed nice and early. I wanted to be at the boat by 10 because Coleen said she would be sure to stop down. When I got there I opened up things and realized that it was really cold... about 50 degrees. Now what? I read the paper and snoozed for about an hour before i finally decided to do something constructive. It was too cold to polish so I figured it was time to get the engine started. Before I could do that I had to fix a fuel line problem so I set about that. I had hesitated doing that becuase it's a dirty messy job. But I started to doubt that Coleen was going to stop down and I figured what the heck. Wouldn't you know half was into it my phone rings and ither her. She was checking to see if I was there. So I get things tidy again and invite her on to the boat. She got chilly but she came about and we sat and chatted for an hour.

Looking back I think it would have been a good opportunity for me to say some things to her but I didn't. We did talk about her and Mark though. She really wants ring. I just shut up and listened. After an hour she was hungry but she wanted to stop at Mark's first to let the dog out. I was going to follow her and then see about lunch but I changed my mind. She eventually found Mark and I told them to have a good lunch and I'll be in the bar later in the afternoon.

Even though I had considered myself done for the day I went back to fixing my engine and in about 2 hours I was dirty again but I had the engine humming. Winter is officially over. I felt really good about that. At least I got something accomplished  this day. Just before I had the engine started my phone rang... it was Coleen from the bar wondering when I would be stopping down.

When I got cleaned up ... best as I could ... I reeked of diesel fuel. I headed for the bar which I hoped would only be for a little while. I walk in and it's fairly quiet. Coleen and Mark were still there having their lunch at the bar. The only empty place was next to Mark so I sat down and tried to make small talk. Mark doesn't seem to ever say much. So I was talking to him and Coleen but it felt very tense. I was so happy to see Jami come in just so that I could talk to someone else. 

It was very strange. Coleen and Mark were being very cozy. Actually it was more Coleen than Mark. Almost as if it was for my benefit. Except I didn't see it until later after I'd thought about it. Maybe they worked through their problems in the 2 hours since she had left me at the boat. Either way she was being the girlfriend.

So I'm just trying to get a grip and move on. I'm trying to focus on the good things and glad I didn't just sit around and mope. If something is going to happen it will come to me at some point.

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