Monday, October 7, 2013


I have been dealing with vision problems since I turned 40 or so. Nothing unusual, probably what anyone deals with as they age. First I needed reading glasses and every couple of years or so I would need stronger glasses. Then about 6 years ago I needed glasses for distance. So I began to wear glasses all the time. My last eye visit I told the Optomitrist my left eye was not focussing as well as my right. He looked at it and said I had the slightest bit of catarracts. He told my I should not be concerned about it for some time. Now it is 9 months later and I feel like I am going blind. It has become near impossible for me to read the newpaper. I'm really struggling at work. As I write this blog entry I can't really review it's content because it's just too diffecult to make out.