Friday, April 29, 2011

Quick update

See if I can get this in quick. Can't come up with a plan to see Doreen. I'm having trouble financially and have been putting off setting anything up. Yesterday she texted me about planning a trip to Atlantic City which I though was odd since we only have had one real date. She much have thought better of it because later she had backed off the idea. She goes from that to where she can't really see me this weekend. Of course I didn't directly ask her out mostly because I want to get the mortgage paid and I'm not sure how I'll be for the rest of the bills.
So I am kind of somewhere between trying to be responsible and wanting to make something happen. I want to see her again and see if there is still some sexual tension. But planning a date may need to wait.
Big day tomorrow as I will try to ready the boat for launch in the next 2 or 3 weeks. I may just get the minimum done and get the boat into the water. It all starts tomorrow.

Monday, April 25, 2011

One part is up and one part is down

I have my life going in all different directions. I don't know how but my work has become a major issue for me. I need to pay attention to things or I may find myself jobless. So my ability to write will be compromised. Which is funny because I feel like i may actually have more to write about over the next few weeks. Doreen has been staying in touch with me and even though I didn't see her over the Easter weekend she said she really is looking forward to what ever comes next. Since we've already made out and she stay overnight at my house ... there was no sex but she did make me feel like a man. Given how long my drought has been I can feel like there may be some lust left for me after all.
Okay, that being said ... I'm not thinking there will be any long term thing. Doreen is nice and cute but she had a stroke a few years ago so she struggles with her left side. While she has the one main ingredient that I need right now, which is a clear attraction to me, I don't see her as a sailing companion. This is a similar issue that cause my marriage to fail. We had an attraction but share almost no interests.
I will keep things on a non-commitment status. I would like to say I can still have sex so that is what my main interest is. Am I bad for that? Am I leading her on? Maybe I need to just let things go where ever they go and hope it works out before some one gets hurt ... and it's usually me anyway.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Slept with a girl

I had a date last night. It ended very well. I don't know how I even did it but she came home with me and we slept together. It's been a long time so I am not sure what to think. I'm just glad I still know what to do. It has been quite a week. While in Florida I was getting regular text messages from Doreen. I got stood up not once but 3 times. Yvonne, Diane, and Tara were all no shows for plans that were made. From where I sit right now I'm fine with that. First of all Tara is my cousin's daughter and the plans we made were with her fiance Eric and I'm actually glad I didn't have to waste my time with them. Diane I had just met on the beach and I didn't expect anything there. I could have called her but just thought better of it. But Yvonne took me by surprise. We had a nice dinner and I thought we could go out again as friends but for whatever reason she chose to blow me off. I doubt I will call her again. So I get home and right away I start stressing out at work. I end each day there almost ready to quit. By the time I ended the week on Friday I needed to get out. I had made plans with Doreen almost as soon as I had gotten back from Florida. We had been texting so much I felt that we had gotten to know each other more than a little bit. I asked her to meet me at Boulder Creek, a restaurant near her home. Even though we had met I couldn't even remember what she looked like. I walked in and she was waiting. Her hair is blond. Somehow I forgot that. We has some wine and some dinner and talked until they closed. Then we went to a bar and somewhere in there we kissed. I made a move. Just felt right. When we kissed again in the car I said come on over to my house and she said yes. We got to my house and were in the bedroom right away. We fell asleep together. When we woke up we needed to drive back to the restaurant as I'd left my car there. She said she would be not going out tonight so no chance for a repeat. But we will see. At least I know it can happen and I can see it when it does.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Not really a player but I'm taking my shots.

Sending this from sunny Florida. Things could only be better is I was having sex. But I am getting out and finding friends and making plans. I had expected this week to be quiet and boring. There has been some quiet time but I am also getting out and being busy. I had my date with Yvonne and we are planning to get together on Saturday for Sushi. She is much more fun as you get to know her and I'm hoping we can keep it going. Today while lying in my beach chair a girl stopped by to say hello and admire my puppy, Ollie. Okay, he's not my puppy but you would never know it. He's bonded to me so well that I am getting very much attached. But that's a story for another time. I got to talking to the girl that stopped by, her name is Diane and she was there with 2 other girls, Michelle and Dory. All of them close to my age and from Rochester. We exchanged numbers and maybe we can get together over the weekend. Oh right, the weekend. It's Friday night and I've got plans. Meeting Denise and some other transplanted NYer's for happy hour drinks. Maybe meet Yvonne later but that's doubtful. And I told Diane I'll be at the same beach tomorrow. Maybe there is something there. Also my phone has been chirping with messages ever day. Mostly Doreen. Don't know what to make of that. She making me feel like this will be too easy. I wondering what kind of issues she may have since we barely met and I am getting daily text messages. I need to try to think less since thinking has never gotten me anywhere.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life is not a beach - just for today

Quiet time in Florida. The forecast is for huge thunderstorms coming at around 1 o'clock. Maybe some excitement from that. But for now I'm hanging at the house watching tv and doing this. It's not a beach day but the rest of the week that should change. I can use a day to just relax. I got some more text messages from Doreen. I'm enjoying the contact and I'm thinking I made a good impression and she is looking forward to whatever the next thing is. She has hinted that her trip was not the best time. When we spoke the one and only time we met she gave me more details than maybe was a good idea. You see, the trip was with he ex-boyfriend and she described it as some kind of obligation that she couldn't get out of. I liked her when I met her but when she told me this detail my thought was she had limited potential as she was probably still sleeping with the ex. But I gave her my number anyway. I now have a little of what I needed ... a woman who sees me as a man. Now I have something started and it's on the move. Perhaps it will come off the tracks after I get home but I need to try to get some affection just to see if I can. Then we will see if things work. I'm also going on a dinner date tonight with Yvonne. She is a Florida girl that my mom introduced me to. She is about 10 years younger than me and never been married. She is a little plain. The one other time we went out I found her to be fun to talk to but it was close to the end of my stay so I didn't get a chance to see her again. This time I'll be here for another week so I can kind of go for a little more. I'm a little confused how I've struggled for so long at home and now that I'm away thing are falling into my lap. I'm starting to think that I need to look at moving here sooner than I first had planned. I am making it my 3 year plan. I will move by the end of spring 2013.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Post from Florida

Enjoying the sunshine in Florida. It has been a real struggle at work so I've avoided any additions to the blog. I feel like I may actually be targeted by the bosses. I'll need to do more diligence until I can get my mojo back in the office. The director is new and my feeling is he doesn't have a clue. Then there is the even newer project manager. A woman from India. She is a toady who is doing what ever the D.I.C. (Director In Charge) wants. Not sure if this is the perfect time for me to be away but I'm enjoying a week and a half away. Then we will see how things go when I get back. Now in Florida I am staying at mom's while she is away on her cruise. My main function is to watch the dogs. More about that as the week goes on. Yesterday was my first day here and I got a text message from the girl I met and gave my number to 2 weeks ago. Her name is Doreen and she is right here in Florida until tomorrow. She and her friends are only 30 mines north of me. I suggested a few things but she is with some friends and my guess is it isn't a time for a first date. Too bad since I have a car an nothing ,much to do. But I get the feeling I'll see her when I'm back home and make a plan. I mean she sent me a message that I could respond to.