Friday, April 8, 2011

Not really a player but I'm taking my shots.

Sending this from sunny Florida. Things could only be better is I was having sex. But I am getting out and finding friends and making plans. I had expected this week to be quiet and boring. There has been some quiet time but I am also getting out and being busy. I had my date with Yvonne and we are planning to get together on Saturday for Sushi. She is much more fun as you get to know her and I'm hoping we can keep it going. Today while lying in my beach chair a girl stopped by to say hello and admire my puppy, Ollie. Okay, he's not my puppy but you would never know it. He's bonded to me so well that I am getting very much attached. But that's a story for another time. I got to talking to the girl that stopped by, her name is Diane and she was there with 2 other girls, Michelle and Dory. All of them close to my age and from Rochester. We exchanged numbers and maybe we can get together over the weekend. Oh right, the weekend. It's Friday night and I've got plans. Meeting Denise and some other transplanted NYer's for happy hour drinks. Maybe meet Yvonne later but that's doubtful. And I told Diane I'll be at the same beach tomorrow. Maybe there is something there. Also my phone has been chirping with messages ever day. Mostly Doreen. Don't know what to make of that. She making me feel like this will be too easy. I wondering what kind of issues she may have since we barely met and I am getting daily text messages. I need to try to think less since thinking has never gotten me anywhere.

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