Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thinking too much

Spending more and more time alone. Mostly by design, but I haven't been getting many phone calls either. And the ones I get I wish I hadn't. I had a bit of a problem with my sister. I am booked to go visit mom and dad later this month and she gave me a hard time because I had my arrival to be while 2 of my other brothers would still be there. So I needed to change my itinerary which was no big deal, but the attitude really pissed me off. It's taking me time to let it go.

No pictures. I've about given up on taking my camera anywhere. Don't see the point since no one thinks I take the right kind of pictures. Maybe that will change soon.

I spend more and more time with Janet. I only think it's because we both have nothing else going on. We have been enjoying each other's company but no more than that. At least it keeps me from Coleen. I've been getting used to not having her around any more. She actually called me on Saturday although I don't understand why. She has plans to travel with Mark and she says just as friends. I hear this and just want to move on. So I'm not calling her and not going out of my way to see her and most of all I'm not making these little plans in my head to get close to her. At least she still calls me although I don't see why.