Monday, July 29, 2013


A new blog entry. It has been months and months. Which means no one is really reading these but I write for me. The more things change the more they stay the same. The people in my life are all still around although some more and some less.
Carolyn has been reduced to an after thought. I never call her and she doesn't seem to mind. I still see her on occasion as she still keeps her boat in the same marina as me. She came by once to say hello and so did her college age daughter. I thought that was nice but I also figure what is the use.
I see Coleen but she seems to obly respond to me when her boyfriend and her are on the outs. I've decided to maintain some distance becuase she refuses to step up. Like yesterday she texted me about how she wanted to get some lunch, I was home but I'd just had a sandwich. Later she wanted me to come out but by then I was at the movies with Lisa.
Okay, speaking of Lisa. We had an "almost" moment a little more than 2 weeks ago. I had convinced her we needed to kiss and after a little encouragement from me we were making out on the couch. And then we went into the bedroom. But it stopped before we could even get any clothes off. I liked it but I could tell she was hesitating. When I stopped and took a breath she pulled away. It just ended there although it was not as if we were done. She said she just couldn't then. So I let her go home. The entire next day and into the rest of the week she was cold and distant. So I finally called it off. My choice.
Where does that leave me. I don't know.