Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Post about old stuff

I seem to be a once a week blogger now. Not sure if that can change but this is the best I can do for now. It isn't as if there is nothing happening. There have been days where I can't keep up with things/
I still spend most of my time lately with Lisa, but Coleen has been also getting my attention. Neither one is ever going to get to be anything but I still can't seem to resist either one.
Even after my feeble attempt at seduction with Lisa she still wants me around. We talk each and every day if only to say hello. At least I don't need to feel lonely.
Coleen and her BF are no longer living together but she has not completely let go. We had dinner out one day last week and it felt like the fastest meal I'd ever had. But when we were in the car afterwards she broke down and told me how upset she was about  it. I just wanted to go home. But I listened and waited for her to calm down. So of course the next night I saw them talking in the bar. I gave up at that point. She texted me Sunday and Monday but I know I should just leave her be. I see from Facebook she went ot dinner at the restaurant her BF likes, so I'm assuming they had a date.
So then we have Carolyn. Poor sweet Carolyn. Still my best chance for sex. At least we have kissed although I'm just not feeling like I want to give her any more of my time. The lat time I saw her was over a month ago, but she called me on Sunday and we made a date for Friday. In my mind I'm going to either sleep with her or just tell her I don't have room for her any more. Is that cold? Probably but I don't seem to care.
I have Friday off from work. Lisa is having an operation to remove a cyst from her foot and I agreed to drive her. She will be off her feet for a few days. I probably should not have made the plan with Carolyn for the same day but it's too late for that.
I expect I'll be waking up alone on Saturday morning no matter what I try. But I'm still trying even if I'm not optimistic.