Friday, February 22, 2013

What is in this for me?

This is my first chance to put anything into this bloggy thing in quite a while. As you can guess I've been keeping busy. Since Lisa has no one any more she now checks with me everyday and we have been spending more and more time together. No romance. The seems more unlikely as ever. It's just not something that we can do. But I still want to see her as often as I can. It seems to satisfy me. I guess I'm older now and I don't feel as frustrated as I might have been even just five years ago. I'm a little sad about that but at least I can truly feel happy with where I'm at.
Lisa had her birthday last week and I did what I could to see that she had a nice day. It wasn't enough as she is still pining over her lost love Mark. I gave her a present and took out for a special dinner. I wanted to get my hopes up but it seemed selfish so I moved forward in life.
The next thing it was Valentines Day and out of nowhere I was contacted by Janet, who wanted to go out if I had no plans. So we did. I took her to dinner and they had a special menu for the occasion. Basically it was special for them as it was about twice as much money as you would pay any other day. We went dutch.
Then I got a phone call from Carolyn. Why can't these women just leave me alone if they have no real interest. I saw her Sunday and she was in the midst of a crisis. It was a cold night and the water was off in her house because some raccoons moved into her attic and made a hole that let cthe cold air freeze her water pipes. I went there but really I'm no plumber. I called an emergency plumber who as far as I know still hasn't fixed it. That's because I left. I'm sure she wasn't happy about that.
And then I get these text messages from Coleen, who wants me to go have dinner. Where is her boyfriend? Really, it is validating that I can take out any of these women but what do I get?