Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We finally did it

It finally happened. After a long, long time I am having sex again. And it is with Lisa. It happened just a little more than a week ago. We had a few starts and stops and I'm not sure if it was her patience or my persistance but in the end with a little help from Viagra we got it done. It started just a month ago when she signed uo on a dating site and was talking to a guy from Connecticut. She told me about it and I didn't know what to make of it. The onlt one she seemed so intered in and he didn't seem like her type at all. I think I told her it just wasn't a good option and I may have mentioned she was looking at something so far away and I was right there. I still don't know what made me do it but she was standing in her apartment looking very sexy and I put my arms around her and we started kissing. There was passion behind it like I'd not felt in a long time. She kept saying should we really do this and I would only say I don't want to stop. But nature being what it is for men over 50 I had some trouble. A coupl of weeks before I scored so sample Viagra but they were not with me and I was reasonable sure that if I left to get one by the time I returned the mood would change. So I did not get it done. So I determined to try again and on Fridat night I made sure I had the pills with me. I met Lisa out and we had some drinks and when it was time to go she said we needed to leave together, even though we had seperate cars. On the way to her house I took the my first Viagra ever. At her house and in her bed I told her. And she sent me home. She was going to be with her sister the rest of the weekend. Yes I was frustrated. Then Monday her can breaks down and she calls me and I had it towed. I thought she would be tired and uninterested. We both had work the next day. Some how we kissed and she gave me a look I can only say said she wanted me. She went into the bedroom and I took a pill and hoped. And it was like BOOM. We were naked and I was ready to go. Before too long it was happening. God, it had been such a long time. I couldn't tell you if it was good or bad. It did seem to take a long time. I don't know if it was a side effect or just me but I was working up a sweat. We started with me on top but we had to switch to doggie, which I had never done. Yes, never did it that way. It was awesome. Lisa got everything I had. Now I know it can happen.