Thursday, September 24, 2009

New post - Yea!

It's been weeks but I still have a blog. I haven't felt I had anything to say in a while. August is done and now most of September too. Since my last post I took Coleen to see a concert - Kid Rock, and I took Janet to see a concert - Loggins and Messina, and I had a date with some one new - Angela. And that was just in August. None of them really meant much.

I will start with Angela. She was a fix up from a friend of mine I know through the boat dock. Hank asked if I was interested and I stupidly said I was. She was mostly interested in sailing and since I felt I wanted to do that I asked her to come out for an evening sail. I mostly just wanted to shake things uo but honestly I couldn't wait until it was over. It was a nice evening but I made sure not to say anything committal and when I said good night my intention was that I wouldn't go out with her again. She ended up calling me about 5 times but I haven't seen her since.

While my concert with Coleen was fun I decided to distance myself from her. Since I took her to that I have been seeing less and less of her. In fact she did something that at the time I thought was mostly thoughtless on her part. It was Friday night happy hour and I went to the bar hoping I might see her in addition to other friends I hadn't seen in a while. Seems like many other had the same idea, as Janet was there along with Chris and Jami and Dave ... just about everybody I hang out with on Friday nights. So I go in mostly hoping to talk to Coleen and she is there as always. But she is talking to everyone it seems but me.... and says she sees Bunky of all people and needs to see him about something and she says this loud enough that everyone hears .... then the next thing I know she is gone. Both Chris and Janet separately said - what was up with that. I was annoyed but I just sucked it down and tried to let it go. I keep making little plans in my head and not I try to dismiss them. I don't need to spend anymore time thinking about her.

Janet and went to see Loggins and Messina and I had a great time but Janet didn't seem to really get into it. She just isn't into that kind of music. I really like her and we seem to be spending so much time together but she can be so cold that I can't picture ever getting close to her.

Oh well... I'm getting back to work... more later.