Saturday, April 16, 2011

Slept with a girl

I had a date last night. It ended very well. I don't know how I even did it but she came home with me and we slept together. It's been a long time so I am not sure what to think. I'm just glad I still know what to do. It has been quite a week. While in Florida I was getting regular text messages from Doreen. I got stood up not once but 3 times. Yvonne, Diane, and Tara were all no shows for plans that were made. From where I sit right now I'm fine with that. First of all Tara is my cousin's daughter and the plans we made were with her fiance Eric and I'm actually glad I didn't have to waste my time with them. Diane I had just met on the beach and I didn't expect anything there. I could have called her but just thought better of it. But Yvonne took me by surprise. We had a nice dinner and I thought we could go out again as friends but for whatever reason she chose to blow me off. I doubt I will call her again. So I get home and right away I start stressing out at work. I end each day there almost ready to quit. By the time I ended the week on Friday I needed to get out. I had made plans with Doreen almost as soon as I had gotten back from Florida. We had been texting so much I felt that we had gotten to know each other more than a little bit. I asked her to meet me at Boulder Creek, a restaurant near her home. Even though we had met I couldn't even remember what she looked like. I walked in and she was waiting. Her hair is blond. Somehow I forgot that. We has some wine and some dinner and talked until they closed. Then we went to a bar and somewhere in there we kissed. I made a move. Just felt right. When we kissed again in the car I said come on over to my house and she said yes. We got to my house and were in the bedroom right away. We fell asleep together. When we woke up we needed to drive back to the restaurant as I'd left my car there. She said she would be not going out tonight so no chance for a repeat. But we will see. At least I know it can happen and I can see it when it does.

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