Monday, April 25, 2011

One part is up and one part is down

I have my life going in all different directions. I don't know how but my work has become a major issue for me. I need to pay attention to things or I may find myself jobless. So my ability to write will be compromised. Which is funny because I feel like i may actually have more to write about over the next few weeks. Doreen has been staying in touch with me and even though I didn't see her over the Easter weekend she said she really is looking forward to what ever comes next. Since we've already made out and she stay overnight at my house ... there was no sex but she did make me feel like a man. Given how long my drought has been I can feel like there may be some lust left for me after all.
Okay, that being said ... I'm not thinking there will be any long term thing. Doreen is nice and cute but she had a stroke a few years ago so she struggles with her left side. While she has the one main ingredient that I need right now, which is a clear attraction to me, I don't see her as a sailing companion. This is a similar issue that cause my marriage to fail. We had an attraction but share almost no interests.
I will keep things on a non-commitment status. I would like to say I can still have sex so that is what my main interest is. Am I bad for that? Am I leading her on? Maybe I need to just let things go where ever they go and hope it works out before some one gets hurt ... and it's usually me anyway.

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