Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life is not a beach - just for today

Quiet time in Florida. The forecast is for huge thunderstorms coming at around 1 o'clock. Maybe some excitement from that. But for now I'm hanging at the house watching tv and doing this. It's not a beach day but the rest of the week that should change. I can use a day to just relax. I got some more text messages from Doreen. I'm enjoying the contact and I'm thinking I made a good impression and she is looking forward to whatever the next thing is. She has hinted that her trip was not the best time. When we spoke the one and only time we met she gave me more details than maybe was a good idea. You see, the trip was with he ex-boyfriend and she described it as some kind of obligation that she couldn't get out of. I liked her when I met her but when she told me this detail my thought was she had limited potential as she was probably still sleeping with the ex. But I gave her my number anyway. I now have a little of what I needed ... a woman who sees me as a man. Now I have something started and it's on the move. Perhaps it will come off the tracks after I get home but I need to try to get some affection just to see if I can. Then we will see if things work. I'm also going on a dinner date tonight with Yvonne. She is a Florida girl that my mom introduced me to. She is about 10 years younger than me and never been married. She is a little plain. The one other time we went out I found her to be fun to talk to but it was close to the end of my stay so I didn't get a chance to see her again. This time I'll be here for another week so I can kind of go for a little more. I'm a little confused how I've struggled for so long at home and now that I'm away thing are falling into my lap. I'm starting to think that I need to look at moving here sooner than I first had planned. I am making it my 3 year plan. I will move by the end of spring 2013.

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