Thursday, April 10, 2008

Things are what they are.

I was riding home on the train yesterday afternoon listening to my iPod and falling asleep when my vibrating cell phone suddenly jerked me out of my slumber. It was a text message from Coleen. She just asked me if I was on the train. As always I look at this in the best possible way. She is just thinking of me or is something up? I would want this to lead to something but so far when she has texted me at the end of the day it's just been her just saying hi. So I play the game and ask what's up. She was at the bar. I get off the train in 10 minutes so we talked on the phone. I was inclined to go join her but she said she was leaving soon to go meet Mark - the BF.

So what's with that? Is this her version of catch and release? She gets me interested and then wriggles free. This is so frustrating. One the one hand I'm really happy to hear from  her but on the other I get to find out she will be with Mark tonight. This is really starting to get old. I'm starting to consider taking a weekend off.

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robewi9 said...

go ahead!
that's what i'd do...