Friday, April 18, 2008

It is a beautiful day in NY

The sun is out. The temp is about 70. I am working outside on my patio. What could be better than that? I even hooked my iPod up to some speakers for music.

I've had a very diffecult last couple of days at work. Some programs have not worked as expected. I'm dealing with it but my progress has come to a stop. I wish I knew how to make things work in a less complex way. Hopefully I'll get my code fixed by lunch.

Meanwhile, I had a decent dinner at Lisa's last night. She just made a simple pasta dinner. We polished off 2 bottles of wine. Lisa managed to spill red wine all over her brand new pants. We had to rinse it in the sink and I think we got out any stain. Then she spilled again on her couch. It was a tough night for her. Lucky it was me who had to drive home and not her.

On the way there I got a cell phone call from Janet. She was wondering if we could have boat drinks last night and I would have had I not already been half way to Lisa's. Maybe next week. Or even tonight. Rumor has it the tiki bar is open tonight so I'll be outdoors. Maybe it's time to get the camera going. Stay tuned.

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