Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm so confused about Saturday

This journal is fast becoming all about Coleen. I am afraid that I'm starting to obsess about her and my little voice says to stop. I really want to but I'm not really sure if it's just me. So here is what happened this weekend... then I want to let it go.

Friday night I just felt really cranky and I was looking at the too few dollars in my pocket and decided I needed to spend some me time at home. I did get a call from Janet who was wondering why I hadn't gone out. Even that didn't get me interesting in heading out but I did feel bad about that. So I promised I'd call her Saturday afternoon. There was a time I would obsess on Janet just as I feel I'm doing with Coleen now. It amazes me how I've gotten over that.

I spent Saturday on the boat trying knock a few items off my maintenance list that seems to go on forever. I spent most of my day polishing. That's a long tedious job that leaves me tired, sore and dirty. At the end of that I called Janet with no real plan in mind. She was just getting done with her day. She had been out looking at things for the kitchen that is being renovated and right now is completely ripped out. She invited me over fo a glass of wine and for me to see how it looked. So I changed into some clean comfortable clothes... a pair of running pants and a t-shirt. We ended up having dinner out at our favorite Italian restaurant.

We grabbed seats at the bar section of the restaurant because my cousin's 24 year old daughter Erin was guest bartending. I hadn't seen or heard from Coleen all day and I wasn't even thinking about her when suddenly my cell phone springs to life with a text message. This would have been at about 6:30 on Saturday night. Janet was amusing herself talking to some of her friends so I had no problem texting back and forth with Coleen for the next hour. Here's our conversation ... hope it's not too boring

Coleen: Whats up? 

Me:Stangos 4 dinner

Coleen: Who with? 

Me: Janet, eric and sheban

Coleen: Do not know them 

Me: Where r u?

Coleen: At marks

Me: Is there a plan?

Coleen:No plan

Me:Gates later is my plan

Coleen: What time?

Me: About an hour

Coleen: 8-05 at Ciros pizza

Me: Come to the bar after

Coleen: 4 1 only

That's it. Then she called me while she was out. She went without Mark for reasons that still aren't clear to me. But she said she was just eating and going back to Mark's. All this is going on while I'm having dinner with Janet so I'm telling her all this. I looked at my friend Janet and asked "what do you make of this?" She was no help. Somewhere in my conversation with Coleen I must have mentioned I'd be on the boat on Sunday. She said she would love to stop down.

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