Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New doors

Not much happened yesterday. Worked from home and wished I could have accomplished more. I had finished mt day and was getting myself psyched to making dinner when Lisa called and said she would be in the area. At first i invited her for dinner but then we decided to just meet and have a drink.I wanted to pick up some things that I saw on sale at the store so I spent $43 then went to see Lisa and spent another $25. I have not been staying on budget at all lately. I know this is going to come back to haunt me but I have hopes for this summer and want to really prepare so I can have things set up. I'm sure that makes little sense.

I could actually feel like I was in a really good place when I went in and saw Lisa. I listened to her story about her cat getting worms and I chimed in with my cat stories. it was very relaxed and easy. Something we used to have a lot and rarely have now. She started to tell me how she has been feeling very sad and depressed mostly from her money situation. I suppressed the impulse to say I told you so and just gave her some insight from my experiances. That her diffeculty is just temporary and over time it will get better.

She really wants to change her living situation too. I would think Carmine would be more helpful there but things seem to have stagnated there. He seems to like the way things are. They spend there weekends together. I wonder if she is getting a little bored. I mean she and Carmine don't seem to do anything. They only ever eat at Italian restaurants and go home.Carmine gets seasick so he's already saying he won't go out sailing any time. So that means if Lisa goes she will be there without him. I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand I'll get to see Lisa alone on the other hand I doubt Lisa will make it down to the boat much, if at all. That's how it's been going lately. Less and less Lisa. I've always believed that when one door closes another one opens.

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