Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday perspective

Yes, now I can write something that may actually make sense. I had myself quite a weekend. Let me start with Friday. If you read all thew entries already then you know that I went to the wine tasting dinner. My evening started at the bar first as dinner wasn't until 7 and I got into town at 5:30. My hope was to see Coleen beforehand but she did a no-show. Perhaps I could have told her I'd be that but since I knew I'd be leaving I figured I would just go and see what happens. So Friday was some what of a bust.

So Saturday was to be a big work day on the boat. I wanted to get quite a bit done and I have mentioned to everyone that I would love a visit and I would have wine on hand. Lisa had said she would for sure be therew to help. So at noon I set about doing my work and of course it was just me. For the next 4 hours I washed and polished as much of the topsides as I could. I got tired and started to think about heading home. Never even heard from Lisa. But then my phone rang and it was Roberta who was about to swing by. So I quickly set up the cockpit with cushions and the weather was actually getting nicer. It was still warm and sunny and the breeze actually stopped. So Roberta came down and we sat back and started to talk when I looked up towards the parking lot and who do I see but Coleen.

She was standing at the fence overlooking the marina and I looked at Roberta and said "let's get out the wine." I waved to Coleen to come on down and she walked down and said she couldn't stay because she was just passing by and had her parents in the car. But she said she would either stop down or call me. It was a thrill to me. She also said that she had stayed in on Friday. I guess she figured since we all had dinner plans she had no reason to come out. I guess I would have done the same thing. So she left and Roberta said "let's open the wine anyway". And then we proceded to talk about what seems to be going on with me and Coleen. Roberta seems to think we will get together at some point this summer. She is more sure of it than I am. I'm still sceptical.

So we shared a glass of wine and then she left. she had dinner plans that did not include me. I held out for about an hour before I got a call from Lisa. She and Carmine were having dinner and wanted to stop by. So I got out the wine again and hung out with them for a while. Lisa swore she would come by and help me on Sunday... she didn't. Enough about Lisa. Sheand Carmine left after a little while and rather than go home I headed for the Bar. I walk in the there is Coleen near the door at the opppsite end of the bar from everone else. She was talking to an older man - like 80 years older - and I said hello. Coleen looked good. She had changed her outfit since earlier in the afternoon. I needed to say hello to everone but I quickly returned to where Coleen was. She explained that she needed to be by the door because she was feeling warm and the open door was more comfortable. Eventually Paul left and it was just us and you should have seen them at the other end of the bar checking us out.

But I was tired and she needed to see her brother about something and even though she said she would be back when she left so did I. It wasn't even 9 o'clock.

That was Saturday. I'll need to do Sunday in another entry.

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