Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend over - work begins

I'm struggling on how to continue when entry after entry is starting ot repeat. My weekend was almost exactly the same as the last 3 weekends. I was at the bar on Fri., Sat. and Sun. Each night went about the same. Go in, have a drink, see Coleen, talk to Coleen until one of us had to leave. We've gotten past the flirting thing. We talk to each other but the edge is gone. So I've decided I don't really want to talk about this anymore unless there is a new developement.

My cat Tigger did his disappearing act last Friday. He was gone for 5 hours while I was home working. I would periodically go seaching for him and he would usually be found pretty quickly. But not Friday. So I had to hop over the backyard fence and go searching through the neighbors' yards. I would call his name and then suddenly I heard a voice come from over the a hedge. "Are you looking for a cat?" Turns out Tigger have been making friends. I go around the hedge and there he is laying on the patio like he lives there. I introduce myself and met Walter, Tigger's new friend. Seems that Walter has been giving him turkey as a treat. No wonder he doesn't return home in any hurry any more. I asked him no to feed him anymore.

So of course on Sunday he goes off again and since I needed to head out and went over the fence looking for him. I wanted to run some errands and wanted him in the house before I could go. The first place I go is to Walter's but all was quiet there. Next door I see a couple there and ask if they saw a cat. They said no. So I give up and go back home. Not 10 minutes later there is Tigger at the door crying to come in. I think "good, now I'll go to the store". I put him inside grab my keys and head to the car and on the way I meet the same neighbors. They had seen Tigger and actually were trying to get him for me. I thanked them and said they didn't need to do that. Tigger knows the way home I just wanted to go out. They introduced themselves and the wife name was ... get this ... Colleen.

So as I am writing this Tigger has been gone about an hour and a half and he just now came back. I guess with the weather getting nicer he will go for walks and we will figure out how long that takes. Right now he is here purring away. If it weren't for him I'd never have to worry. But that's part of being a pet owner.

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dontyouwant2no said...

Ha cute cat story.. I wish my ferrets would go and come back when ever they want. Use the bathroom outside to.. that would be great... but it would never happen. anyways hope your good.