Saturday, April 5, 2008


I know I put in an entry earlier today but I think today is worth another entry. I went to the boat at around noon to do my spring preparation.

So I had a conversation about my day with one of my favorite bog friends and told her about my day and it has so much more detail than I could do again so rewad it and enjoy;

mikeg516: I've had the most interesting day
oh hows that?
mikeg516: so last night's wine tasting was good but I've been suffering from an all day hangover
mikeg516: I spent the dat getting the boat clean
damn I hate hangovers  
mikeg516: it involves lots of polishing in the hot sun
oh no I bet that kinda sucked  
mikeg516: actually it's a lobor of love
mikeg516: I worked alone for 4 houres
mikeg516: I'm on the boat ready to quit for the day and my cell rings - it's Roberta ... Roberta is great but not a girl I can date
mikeg516: but she comes down to the boat and I wanted company
mikeg516: so she stops down and says hello .
mikeg516: She sits down and not 5 minutes after she gets there who do I see in the parking lot, but Coleen ... wow - when it rains it pours
mikeg516: but wait there is more
mikeg516: Coleen is just stopping by to say hello - she has her parents in the car - they are like 80 sonething years old
lol I like that when it rains it pours  
mikeg516: yea - I cant just have one thing at a time
mikeg516: so i don't know what Coleen thought when she saw Roberta either
so she didn't stay long only dropped in to say hi?   
mikeg516: like it wasn't a date but she doesn't know that
mikeg516: there's so m,uch more\
mikeg516: so Coleen leaves but says she will stop down later of call ... she didnt do either but I found her later
did she say anything about it  
mikeg516: so Coleen leaves and I hang with Roberta for an hour then she leaves too
mikeg516: and wait there's more
mikeg516: I cleaned up and i was about to go ... must have been about 5:30 \
mikeg516: and I see Lisa and Carmine coming down the boat ramp
mikeg516: More wine and another hour goes by
mikeg516: I finally leave about 6:30 and I go to the bar
mikeg516: I see Coleen there
mikeg516: She was talking to an older guy ... I wont say how old but he is for sure on social security
mikeg516: and I sat and we had casual converstopm
mikeg516: have I started ot bore you yet?
no not at all  
I was just waiting to see what was going on  
mikeg516: realize it is 10 o'clock and I'm home so this is not a story of great success but still not failure either
mikeg516: \so anyway
mikeg516: what is Coleen? doing w/o her boyfriend on Saturday night
so did she look like she was jealous or anything when she saw u with her ?  
mikeg516: she was trying to get him on the phone and he wasn't pivking up
mikeg516: what she saw me on the boat with Roberta?
maybe I'm getting it mixed up alil lol  
mikeg516: Roberta said she looked a little confused
mikeg516: oh no
mikeg516: it was an awkward moment

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