Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Taking time to breathe

It's day 2 of the working week and it is certainly much less drama. And yet I miss it. What would I do without the drama? I am starting to want and expect things. How will it be if things suddenly stop and I'm back to haveing no prospects? Maybe it's better to have the possibility of a relationship than to have the relationship itself. It certainly seems to be way more interesting.

Is it too early to start planning next weekend? At this time there is nothing to speak of. I'm also looking at a weekend where I don't get paid until the following week. A week from today in fact. I currently have about $60. So there will be a limit to what I can do. I hope the weather is good so I can spend a lot of time getting the boat ready for summer. That doesn't cost much and should keep me busy.

I have this feeling that things will step back a little with Coleen. I know she is still trying to make things work with her boyfriend and I doubt she could change gears from him to me that fast. Where is my therapist when I need one?

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