Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I spent last night at home feeling very anxious. I was chatting with Lisa most of the night even though she is probably the last person I should go to for guidance. She was encouraging me to call or send a text to Coleen but my little voice said I should let her deal with her own issues and not try to put myself into the mix. I figure I need to let a day pass and perhaps even 2. Although I feel the urge to stop down at the bar after work. That might work. Or am I over analysizing as I've been reminded by readers before.

This is the last day for a week of riding the train. I always look forward to the switch. For some reason I am always climbing the walls after working at home for a week. But then it's night to not have to deal with the city.

I've been thinking about my vacation a lot lately. I have so much time available I can almost take half the summer off and still have 2 weeks for fall and winter. I'm looking at Memorial Day weekend and thinking I can use some days then. Then at least 2 weeks some time in July/August.


nolefan38 said...

Have you ever thought maybe Collean is waiting on you to just ask her of her feelings?             Sherry

mikeg516 said...

Coleen has already made it clear to me that she knows exactly where I am coming from. And I also know what her priorities are. She is two years with this guy and would prefer that. What I see or at least think I see is that I came into her life a few months ago and she likes me. I can feel thin is my soul. But she is not ready or willing to call an end to what she has with this guy Mark. It's not just me who sees this either. Coleen is about to call it a day with Mark. And I don't think he even really cares one way or the other.