Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunday was a good day.

So things started somewhat damp and cold on Sunday morning. I knew that anyone who might want to come by the boat to enjoy the nice day would probably bail. First I heard from Lisa who said that since it was cold she would just stay home. Fine. I was already on the boat working. I figured I would probably get more done without her anyway. Next I heard from Coleen. I figured she wouldn't go back to the bar on Saturday night and I was right. She spoke to her brother and then went home. I had suspected she had also tried to see Mark, her BF. Shen didn't mention that but she did say she was to have lunch with him and help him with his new kitchen stuff.

You know it feels very much to me like they are less and less a couple all the time. Coleen told me that they had plnned to spend the afternoon together. Like a date she said. So if I went to the bar I would not be expecting to see her. I finished my chores on the boat and went there anyway. So imaging my shock when I see Coleen come through the door about 30 minutes after I get there. So my plan to stay just an hour goes out the window and settle in for a nice afternoon chatting it up with her. She kept looking at her cell phone and saying "I'm done". So as afternoon turned into evening she said wouldn't it be great to have Indian food again. I said "let's go". So we did. As we did before we had a great dinner. But she is still committed to her relationship - at least for the this evening.

I wonder if she tells him that we have dinner. I wonder if she looks at me with possibilities. Roberta thinks she does. She did say she knows that I would like to be her boyfriend... at first I faked surprise but then said I can't believe I would even try to hide that. So it's kind of out there. But I got nothing from her. I'm not ready for that conversation. If it's going to happen it obvious to her that I'm already in with both feet.

My night ended on a good note. Just us saying we would talk during the week and see each other soon. I really like where this is going right now. But it's so complicated and I imagine it could get even more complicated.


dontyouwant2no said...

I'm glad you had a good night. Atleast you got some time with colleen. And idian food sounds so good right now. I wish I had some lol but anyway glad to hear your in good spirts. Talk to you soon.


abaleman666 said...

havent been by in a bit-- i can appreciate the issue with colleen, having been the girl who compromised just about everything she was to get a ring on my finger and look where that got me--- at least i came to my senses.  its hard to be with someone who doesnt see the goodness that could be between you and them, and even harder to watch someone you truly care about and want to make life plans with throw away their own life with someone else.  do i think you should give up? i am not sure if that's possible, to give up on loving someone once your heart has made the leap....but i do hope for your sake she gets a freaking clue that mark is telling her 17 different ways from sunday that he is not that interested in her for a FUTURE.  also hope things are better with your father. regrads and enjoy the boat weather coming your way :D