Thursday, July 28, 2011

Making plans

I had a nice evening down on the boat. I wasn't anticipating much. I brought a book to read and settled in for a nice sunset and was reading and I just put the book down for a second and closed my eyes. I must have dozed off because the next thing I remember is Carolyn saying hello. Might have been 10 minutes or maybe 30 minutes. I have no idea.
So we shared a bottle of wine until about 9 o'clock and we talked about making plans. She must have had a really good day as she seemed very comfortable. We are considering taking her boat out this weekend even though I wanted to take mine out. We will see how that goes. We are also thinking about doing a little night time boating as she says how much she misses that. I'm mostly down for that. We made it an early night. Last thing we said was about what plans we could make for Friday night. I wanted to get something firm but she wouldn't pin down anything.
Friday night there is a Mo-town band playing in the Downtown square and I am looking at that as my best option. Thing is if I do that Carolyn isn't going. So perhaps I need to just do what I want and if she misses it that would be her loss.
At about 2 PM my phone chirped with a text message. It was Coleen. Took her a few minutes to get to the point but she wanted to know if I was seeing anyone. She must have heard something. I was painfully honest. I said I have been discreetly seeing someone as a friend. She dropped it. She is still very much ensconced with Tommy so I made sure not to plan to see her. She doesn't so much miss me.
Tonight will be a busy night. I have to take a trip down to the South Shore and drop off the lobster pot at my brothers and I need to get into the allergist for a booster shot. Maybe make a stop at the grocery store. The rest of my day will be at work.

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