Monday, July 25, 2011

Strong Enough To Be The Man

After not hearing from Carolyn at all on Saturday I got a message from her on Sunday morning asking how the party was. I just said it was fun and I would send her some pictures of what she missed. The weather was still warm but there was no sun and the prediction was for some rain showers. She wasn't planning on going on the boat but I needed to do a repair on mine. Carolyn mentioned going to Freeport late in and day and would I like to join her. I wasn't going to say no.

Freeport is this very nautical place that has a bunch of outdoor bars with music and restaurants all along a long canal. It it a bit of a hike from where we live as we are North Shore and Freeport is South Shore but it's not too far. We went to an outdoor patio bar that was packed with biker types but she knew some of the band members so I got some drinks and relaxed. Carolyn wanted a frozen drink so I bought that and she wondered if it even had any alcohol in it.

We had pretty much missed the band that she wanted to see but another band was setting up and it had just started to rain so we stayed a while. Carolyn did not like the whole biker bar scene and honestly it has never been something I have ever liked but it was fun to see her getting uncomfortable. I was wondering how I could make this work for me.

She looked really great and she introduced me to the band who are all older than we are. I did get her to pose for a picture with the her friend. There were a couple of biker guys who came over and complemented (hit on) Carolyn's looks. You might think she liked the attention but she just wanted out of there. I could see that so I said we should stay a little bit. It was funny to see how freaked out she was. She could not relax so as soon as the new band started it was time to go.

We walked down the street and since we were both hungry we went to a seafood restaurant and had a nice dinner. She tried to pay for half but I took the check and told her she can buy a round of drinks. After dinner we ended up walking around and taking some pictures. We never did get that drink as we couldn't decide where to go and just headed for home. We sat and talked in her backyard for an hour. It was during this talk when I started to realize things are probably never going any farther then they already have. She is so damaged right now the best thing for both of us is to just keep things simple and uncomplicated. She has so many things to deal with adding me to the mix would end up bad. I need to just appreciate her company and not get any more into my head. I probably should not be planning too much as I may find myself back into wanting something with someone who will never see me that way.

The good thing is Carolyn has been a good distraction and she has gotten me away from all those bar people. I am moving in a different circle now and out of the "same old-same old". Best of all Carolyn has a way of making me feel like I have something ... she flirts with me just enough to keep me on edge. It may get old but for now it's enough to know that I am the man.


It is known said...

Aye, that is too bad but as you said, the woman has so many issues currently in her life that a relationship is probably not the best of idea.

I think you've mentioned this before in your blog but I would give online dating another shot. It didn't work out too well for you the first time but I'd try to get back on that horse again and give it another go. It's not always fun, and it might take a while before meeting someone but the end result would be worth it. Know this, if you meet a woman on there, you know she's also actively looking to meet someone so you would not be constantly wondering where you stand in the relationship.

Put yourself out there, have dates with a two or three different women every other week. Nothing too crazy like dinner or a movie, just a cup of coffee for an hour so can you chat. Putting so much focus on one girl will have you running up the walls when you don't hear from them for a day or two.

Cindy said...

I agree with the advice of 'It is Known'. For now just enjoy what you have going on.

Mikeg5162000 said...

The online thing is something I've tried in the past and I may consider returning to it but for now I'm not that interested. The times I tried before it stopped being fun very quickly and dates felt more like job interviews. I am taking things easy. I still make friends with relative ease. This thing is probably not going anywhere but I'm still in a better place than I was.