Friday, July 22, 2011

Beach day

I don't have a clue about what I'm doing. I spent yesterday with Carolyn's kids on my boat. I've had them out on the boat before because I actually know Carolyn for quite a while. Maybe 6 years. But here is my thing, I still don't know if things with her will ever go anywhere but I am bonding with the kids. The little voice in my head says I should not do that as I'd hate it if I close to the kids and found myself needing to distance myself from her for whatever reason. If all we can be is friends I can't get too involved with the kids. But they are really good kids.

It is so hot outside. It's expected to get to 100 degrees today. Tigger went outside this morning and came back inside fairly quickly and then laid out on the ceramic tiles as they are the coolest part of the house. He knows how to cool down. He moved from there to a spot right in front of the a/c. All that fur must make it tough in the heat.

I'll be cooling off at the beach. In fact I need to get going right now.

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