Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Still feeling the good buzz

I spent last night quietly relaxing at home. From spending Sunday out on the water on Carolyn's boat which goes really fast, all that bouncing has my back in spasm. I got off the train and got to the boat before getting home and cleaned things up. I noticed Carolyn left behind a towel and her bikini. I need to do laundry so I'll try to do her a favor and put them through the wash with mine. I'm not sure how to wash her bathing suit but I figure it will be fine in with my colors. More info than anyone wants to know - right?
To go out with Carolyn last Sunday I kind of had to break plans I had with Chris. I felt bad about that so I left him a message with an apology. He called me last night and said it was perfectly fine. I had already decided to take Thursday and Friday off from work and I found out he may be off on Thursday so we made a plan to take a sail. It's great when everything works out.
I did dial up Carolyn last night but no answer and her number is not taking voice mail. I decided not to try a text until later in the week. I know she had a good time Sunday and if she saw I called I'm sure it's not overwhelming. But I think if I started texting that would be overkill. I'm confident enough to know she will call me when she needs to.
Now I need to focus on work. It's a good day.

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