Sunday, July 10, 2011

Life in the Cul-de-sac

I had about as good a weekend as I've ever had. I called Carolyn and we went out to a place near where she lives. I went and picked her up at her house. First time I'd seen that. It is a nice house. She seems to think it's not. Then we travelled to a bar that had some music. We got some wine and I paid. It was a date. She knew a few people there and she danced. I danced too. It was fun and we were there until they closed. I don't know though. Nothings really happening.
I dropped her off in her driveway and since it was late she asked if I needed to stay on the couch. If it felt like she was offering more than that i would have gone for it but I really wasn't willing to be waking up on a couch to say good morning to her 14 year old son. I was home in 10 minutes.
Next morning I dealt with the line that was caught in thew prop of my boat since July 4th. I'd convinced myself there would be damage that would end my season. But I dove down and it was a fairly simple task and everything was fine. So I invited Carolyn to go out on the water. Just her and I went and enjoyed a great day. But again we really aren't going anywhere. So at the end of the night I was just feeling like it's just another repeat of a girl who wants me around but only in friendship mode. It's good that I can spend time with someone I like but just once I want to get something more.
So on Sunday morning I just make a plan to take the boat out without Carolyn. Maybe I should have called her but when I left her the night before she was too non-committal so when my friend Chris called I said I would take out the boat if he was ready in an hour. We weren't out 20 minutes before Carolyn called about going fishing. I guess I should have called her but I feel like she needs to know I'm not a sure thing.
In the middle of all this I heard from Coleen. She wanted me to come down to the beach. I told her I was waiting for someone to come out on the boat. This must have gotten a rise out of her because at 7PM she sent me a text asking how my date was. So more than 6 hours later I was still on her mind. I still need to let her go. It is still hard. At least I have a nice distraction even if that's just another dead end.


Cindy said...

Hey there - glad you had a good weekend! I don't think I'd count Carolyn as a going no where thing just yet. I've been married 34 yrs. (WOW!!) but if I were single and a guy made a move on me and I wasn't ready I wouldn't be turned off by it. On the other hand if I only wanted friendship and nothing else, I'd probably stop contact. And she didn't stop seeing you, right? You said she has a lot on her plate right now, I'd guess I'd say to be patient. And try, (even though you are male ;) to stop thinking about something happening before she's even had a chance to REALLY know you. Sounds to me like you just might have something good in the works!! Take Care, Cindy

Mikeg5162000 said...

Cindy - your feedback is always appreciated. My problem isn't that things are slow. I'm fine with slow. Trouble is I never know enough to stop beating on a dead horse. Look at how rediculous I've been with the previous women in my life.

Cindy said...

No, you haven't been ridiculous at all, just....determined. What's the saying: 'good things come to those who wait' ??? Sorry, it's very hot here today and my brain seems to be slightly fried with no good comments coming out of it :) We have been moving into our new house for the past week and I'm wiped out. Just go with the flow, I guess, and enjoy it!