Monday, July 25, 2011

Lobsterfest Weekend

My Saturday was spent at a party at Janet's house. I had invited Carolyn and at first she wanted to be there but at the last minute she decided not to go. More on that in my next entry.

My entire Saturday was wrapped up in getting ready for the backyard lobsterfest. We cooked a total of 45 lobsters. I agreed to pick up the lobsters in the store near where I once lived and I also borrowed from my brother a pot and cooker which doubled our capacity. Janet came to my house late on Friday and handed me $500 to pay for the lobsters. As we sat and talked she was most worried about the heat as on Friday it topped out at 100 degrees and Saturday was predicted to be almost as hot. My thought was at least there would be no rain. But it was hot.

This is a picture of Janet and her daughter Ali.

Saturday morning was spent getting the lobsters and from there I got down to the boat for a few hours but didn't go out on it. Inside the boat it was 106 so I spent a little of the time cooling it down. I didn't do much more than that. I was home and changed and headed to Janet's for the party at around 4. It was almost an hour early but since I had the ice it was important that I be there.

The party went off without a hitch and I ate and drank and barely thought about my disappointment the Carolyn had essentially blown me off. When I last saw her on Friday night I noticed she was dealing with a cold sore on her lip and it was really bad. I'm almost sure she would have felt very self conscious about it. It was that bad. I can kind of understand if that was what her real reason was. What she said was she needed to work and wouldn't be up to a party after her day. I think maybe she isn't as into me as I once hoped. I need to not invest too much into this.

So I ended my Saturday late and was home alone by midnight. I went to bed knowing I would need to get back to Janet's and help with some of the cleanup. I did not send Carolyn anything and I didn't hear from her until I got a text message from her just as I was leaving after the cleanup.

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