Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Things are getting hot

It's strange how just a little optimism can change my whole mood. Even though my odds of having anything the resembles a relationship are still very much less then 50/50 I feel very validated this week. The buzz from my time with Carolyn last Sunday is still with me.
Last night I needed to get some clothes into the laundry and I wanted to go down to the boat and open the hatches so it's not melting inside. We are dealing with a real summer heatwave and I love it. It helps having my A/C running continuously at home.
I figure if I can get the clothes washed and into the dryer by 7, I can get to the boat and enjoy a little of the sunset then get back and fold by 9. I was close to on schedule ... yes I am become that anal retentive that I have to schedule the off hours.... when I arrived down at the boat at about 7:30. I see Carolyn is there on her boat doing some clean up... there were still a few things undone from Sunday. We opened a bottle of wine and had a quick glass before she had to go and pick up her son. It worked out perfectly for me as had she stayed I would never have been able to get my laundry. We had a nice 20 minutes. She told me her back has been really bad ... as has mine. So the pounding from running the boat at high speed on Sunday hurt us both in the same way. I was thinking I was just old.
With that she left in plenty of time to pick up her son and we should touch base again later today. The last thing she said was how nice Sunday was and how she liked how there was no pressure. So maybe things a moving at a crawl but she kind of needs that. At least I hope that's it otherwise there isn't much for me to get excited about. The more I see her the more I want to see her. I'm sense a little of that from her as well.
I have the next two workdays off. The plan for tomorrow is to relax and take the boat out with Chris. This works out perfect since I feel bad that I blew him off Sunday to be with Carolyn. Not that bad just hate to disappoint anyone. Then my weekend which I have to look forward to with more that the usual things. Wow. I can't wait. I may not blog until Monday so bear with me until then. Maybe I'll have a really good story.

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