Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Tuesday

Not much to say today. I'm in a financial crunch this week so I'm not going out anywhere. I did relax down at the boat with my book for a couple of hours. Just a chance for me to straighten things up a bit.
Biggest thing I did yesterday was talk to my mom on the phone. One thing she told me about was that her and my dad actually fouled the boat prop a number of times and it was always an easy fix. Well, I wish I'd called her sooner and I would have gotten a much better sleep last week. I really wasted so much stress over a worse case scenario that didn't materialize.
My mom is coming to NY for a short visit this weekend so I will get to see her and the rest of my family on Saturday. It my niece Kristin's graduation party. I guess I should have a gift although I don't know what I should get her. I'd prefer not to give money but at the moment I don't know what other option I have.
My mom is trying to convince me to come to Florida for a week in August so I can take care of the dog. I would have no problem with that except I don't want to leave just now. There wouldn't be much for me to do in Florida and I have plenty to keep me busy here. I was thinking I would take some time off soon ... I am strongly considering taking Aug 1-5 off. I do have enough vacation to add another week and go so I may just do it. I will think about it between now and Saturday and make a decision then.
Not much else to add today. No contact with Carolyn or anyone else for that matter. Wednesday she has been coming down to the boat after her dance class so we will see if we do that again. If not it shouldn't be a big deal. The reality of the situation is she needs a lot more than I can give. So far I've had fun around her and I hope it stays that way.

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