Monday, July 18, 2011

A weekend of almost

This will be a longer version of my weekend events. I need to seriously hydrate this morning as I seem to have lost a lot of water over the weekend. Between the sun and drinking a lot of wine yesterday I have a huge thirst today.

Let me start with Friday night. I got off work and got home at my usual time. I decided I needed to eat dinner and then head out so I enjoyed a nice meal of leftovers and was done and ready in about 30 minutes. Problem was I'd let the cat out and Tigger had no inclination to going back into the house. I'd gone to work during the day and while the house was cool and comfortable when I left for work in the morning it had gotten a little warm during the day. Tigger does not do well in the heat. Even though I'd turned the A/C on he was not anxious to go back into the house. So I had to do a search and I found him wandering around the courtyard just doing whatever it is cats do. Meanwhile Lisa was calling me to find out when I'd be downtown for the music. I got there in plenty of time. She was alone, no Carmine. He was even later then I was. Lisa amused herself by talking to Marty the jazz pianist who was the about to begin playing for all the people. Marty is 90 years old and has more energy that I have even now. It was a great show even though I am not much of a jazz fan. It ended up being an early night. Which is good because I really put my foot in my mouth by saying to Lisa that pigs will fly before she and Carmine actually ever pick a wedding date. I know as soon as I said it I needed to just shut up. Why do I always find the absolute wrong thing to say and just say it? With that I headed home. It was an early night.

I did see Coleen briefly. I can't figure out what is going on with her right now. She was wearing a dress that looked like a bag. She was wearing shorts too but still it looks like she is gaining weight. I wish I had taken a picture but that just didn't work. I asked her when she might be interested in going on the boat. I just got a vague reply that pretty much told me never. With that she was gone. We did exchange text messages on Saturday evening that she initiated. I don't know what to think about that.

Saturday was a gorgeous day but I spent most of it running errands. I got up early and made it to the gym then went grocery shopping. That was my morning and part of the afternoon. I sent a text to Carolyn who was working. I made it down to the boat after 2 PM. I needed to be at my brother's house by 5 for my niece's graduation party so there was no going out onto the water. So I did a few things around the boat then napped for an hour. It was real hot. Ended up leaving the boat at 5 so I would be an hour later to my brother's house. It was fine. I wasn't the last one there.

While I was there I needed to be careful with the phone as I was getting text messages from Carolyn and Coleen at the same time. I wanted to plan Sunday with Carolyn so I pretty much blew of Coleen who was ranting about how difficult it is with her parents right now. Coleen has lots of other people to talk to but I really needed to spend time with Carolyn. Before I had my Sunday planned I told Chris that maybe we would take out the boat for a sail. That turned out to be a mistake as I wasn't about to have him with Carolyn and I again. I felt bad about that.

I was up really early on Sunday morning and I called Carolyn and suggested I go to her house and pick her up. We were on her boat away from the dock a little pat 11. We started by fishing and we opened a bottle of wine by about noon. There was swimming and just relaxing. After we had a lunch of tuna salad the Carolyn had made we both just laid back and soaked in the sun. It wasn't long before Carolyn was sleeping. I admit I probably dozed off for a bit. Since the fishing was bad we moved on to a place that would be better for swimming. She is so funny because she thinks I am not as able to handle the water like she does. It is so great to be with someone who just loves being near the water. I wanted to just bottle up the day and hold it for a really long time.

After 4 o'clock I start wondering if we should start looking toward how we would finish the day to which Carolyn had other ideas. All of a sudden we are shooting over to the Connecticut side of the sound and anchored off of Captains Island and we swim ashore and check it out. We walked all around the island which was pretty much deserted except for the light house at the eastern end. She needed to see it so we hiked over there and the next thing I know she is knocking on the door and talking to the lighthouse keeper who wanted nothing to do with us. I just told her"we gotta go". We saw a parakeet on the ground which seemed fairly tame but she wanted to capture and and take it home. That was not an option and thank God it proved too quick for her and got away.

It must have been past 7 when we pulled the anchor and finally headed back to our marina. If we had taken my boat it would have been about a 2 hour trip but her boat had us back in about 30 minutes.

Here is where things got away from me a bit. We were planning to go out to dinner near her house but we both needed to change so we jumped onto my boat where I had a change of clothes. We got into this odd discussion where Carolyn said she didn't understand what the need for underwear was. Meanwhile I had ducked into the head (bathroom to you landlubbers). With what she said I was going commando (shorts and no underwear). I popped out of the bathroom as she was just finishing putting on a dress. I said I would not wear underwear to which she replied "neither am I" and then showed me her bare ass. Next thing I know my hand is up her dress caressing her behind. But then I try to kiss her and get something going and there is nothing. She just won't kiss me. So I back away ... thinking I'm going too fast. So we starting to prep things to close up the boat and she suggested we didn't have to go out so I suggested I could cook something right there. I had everything I needed to make spaghetti so I start boiling water and got the sauce started. Carolyn had a glass of wine and relaxed topside still wearing just the dress. I don't mind telling you I was very turned on but at the same time frustrated. We enjoyed the dinner and just when I thought she would suggest packing up she just said she was so relaxed she wanted to just stay and nap right there. So with that I went below and grabbed a couple of pillows and we both stretched out in the cabin on the bed. We laid together spooning, her facing away from me but holding my hand but not ever responding to me. We both fell asleep like that for more than 2 hours. It was close to midnight before we stirred and both of us know we need to be at work early on Monday we hustled out of the marina. I needed to take her home which was considerably farther than my house. Maybe next time she comes to my house. When we got to her house I helped her carry some thing into her house and there was a quick good bye as her teenage son was home upstairs and I did not want to make too much noise. By the time I was home it was getting close to one AM. I was asleep before I knew it.

There is is. The full story of an almost perfect weekend. Maybe there is more to come or maybe not. At least there are possibilities.

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