Thursday, July 7, 2011

Night moves

I spent last evening with Carolyn enjoying wine on the boat. I made a move and it didn't get very far before she shut me down, but she didn't run away either. She stayed late. I didn't want her to go either. She probably isn't going to give me what I want but she has so much on her plate it's best to not push her towards anything. I am really very conflicted. And maybe she is too.
I sent Carolyn a text saying I would be on the boat and she should stop by when she finished her dance class. She arrived at about 8 o'clock and we had a nice evening that included mostly talking. As I've said before her life is currently very difficult so I just clicked into listen mode and we chatted for hours. Every time I thought she might be thinking of saying good night she just asked for another glass of wine. I actually got her to go down into the cabin and I tried very hard to kiss her. It kind of happened but she didn't really respond so we just laid together talking. She said she is still struggling with the death last year of her boyfriend, Andy. Maybe Carolyn is not that into me, at least not yet. I did ask her to go out with me on Friday. I don't expect much but the potential is there. Unless I see a stop sign I will keep going.

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