Friday, July 8, 2011

Is summer start or could it be over already

Spent last night quietly at home reading a book. I really have little agenda today except it is Friday and the weekend is just about ready to start. I've been suffering with insomnia all week because I am more than a little upset that I may have really screwed up my boat by running over a dock line with the propeller and my need an expensive repair there is no money to pay for right now. I will spend the early hours on Saturday diving under the boat and untangle things and see if I have a real problem. The little voice in my head is telling me I'll have damage. I keep trying to relax and remind myself that what is done is done and I can manage somehow. It's happened to lots of boaters and they all manage to resolve it and get back to what is important. This could just be a snag and not the huge disaster I'm making it out to be. I just hope I'm not done with my boat just when the summer is starting.

I will call Carolyn at some point and see if she is open to planning something. The silver lining here is she said she needs company to go out on her boat so I can at least be assured of getting out in the water a little. I feel I may have made her uncomfortable because I made a pass at her and she did not seem open to it. She may push me away or she may just need to discuss it. Or she may have just chalked it up to alcohol and let it go. I know if I spend too much time dwelling on it then I am probably over thinking. I am stressed today.

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