Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stressful Holiday

I took my family and some of their friends out to see the fireworks on July Fourth. There were so many, 17 including myself. That's just too many. I need to learn to say no, but it just evolved. I guess I would be fine if I hadn't ended the day by backing the boat into a line in the water and getting it caught in the propeller. Now I'll need to deal with that. I just hope once i untangle things that i haven't done any additional damage. It was my own fault too. I just came into the slip a little crooked and thought I could power forward to straighten the boat. So after that I was so keyed up I had trouble getting to sleep. Probably on 4 hours right now. I just wish I would feel so stressed all the time.

Seems like my whole weekend I felt like I was stressing over one thing or another. This should be a good thing but I got a new cell phone. It's a smart phone and it's a little complex. It took me a while to figure out how to make calls and text. During the set up process my sister called my number and left a voicemail message. Now the phone keeps showing I have a voicemail but when I check there are no new messages. It'll get figured out. I also though I'd lost my old phone before I could get my numbers transferred. I found it under the seat of the car. It felt like it was like that all weekend. Me forgetting this or stressing over expenses or having to be somewhere before I was ready. I was even going crazy over the weather.

As far as Carolyn goes, I asked her to come to see music on Friday night but she was not interested. I didn't speak to her the rest of the weekend until last night as I left the marina I saw her and she said she was having cell phone problems but she got my text. Feels like she is blowing me off a bit. Obviously she runs hot and then cold so I'm turning the dial down on that. I know there are things going on with her that have nothing to do with me. She could be a real stress magnet.

I had a conversation with my brother Sean about her. Turns out Sean knows her ex really well. He didn't say much. It is just another log on the fire as it just seems like no matter who I meet there is always a connection to someone in my family. I'm not sure that is a good thing.

I was outside listening to music in the Village Plaza on Friday when I saw Coleen for the first time in a few weeks. At the time I was talking to Roberta and when I said hello to Coleen, Roberta excused herself. Not a surprise there since they don't like each other, but I also was not interested in saying any more to Coleen then hello. I later got to dance a little with Roberta so it came out okay in the end.

Next morning Carolyn called and asked how it was to which I said I had a really good time. I had hopes of seeing her but she resisted whatever suggestions I made. I will call her one more time this week and if nothing happens I'm going to try and stop trying to plan anything with her.

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