Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Not Complaining but

I just got paid and already I'm down to less than $100 until November 15th. And it's only November 1. All the bills are out until then so it's not as if I'm in any real trouble but it's anther pay period where I need to watch every cent. I bought all the groceries I'll need as well so I'm not starving. But I doubt I'll be taking anyone out to dinner for the next 2 weeks. Thank God I at least see the light at the end of the tunnel. You see I have this loan payment to my 401k that is sucking $800 a month out of my paycheck that is all done after December 1. Then i have a decision to make as to whether I take another loan and pay off my Visa bill and get rid of several other debts - I know I want to pay my brother Brian the $2000 I owe. I wish I could leave it be and just take the extra $800 a month towards that but I am not sure if I should leave ot there for him. I would alos like to just dispose of the Visa bill and also leave myself with a little extra cash.
All of this has me toning down what little social life I still have left. Less to write in the blog I guess. I relative sure no one wants to read about this stuff, I mean I don't even want to read it. It feels like I've lived my whole life this way. Never having more than a few dollars in my pocket. Thing is when I do have a little more pocket money I end up in a bad place. That's what may have led to my problems in the spring of 2009. That was when I needed to give up alcohol from May to August. You can go back and read alla about it.


Josie said...

Oooo the problems of spring 2009. sounds interesting!

Mikeg5162000 said...

My guess is you've gone and looked and found not a lot there. Let me just say I struggled for a while with how much time I'd been spending in a bar. I stopped drinking for a few months.

Josie said...

Stopped drinking? Oh the horror! lol jk