Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Is there such a thing as Thanksgiving Eve?

Even though I have no specific agenda I feel the urge to post something today. I'm in the office and not many other people are in so it's fairly quiet. I have some hope to make an early exit at about 3 PM. There is a 3:27 train and I want to be on that one.
When I get home I have a tentative plan to go see Lisa as she and her sister Ellen prepare their Thanksgiving. I'll need to buy a pie so I should do that as well. Then I might see Carolyn although once again there is no commitment. I need to start assuming it's a lock but I can't quite ever be sure. The last option is I can always stop down at the bar and say hello to that crowd. I'm sure I'll see Coleen there and she will insist that I stop at her house before I go to my sister's on Thursday. It's stupid that I still want to see her. I already told her it was going to be a busy day. If I don't go I will miss her.
With that my weekend begins. The rest of the weekend is probably going to be casually planned. I may try and do something constructive but we will have to wait and see. I'm sure if a friend says let's do something I'll go along.
Somewhat off topic, I got a distressed phone call yesterday from my not-that-close of a friend Loni. I know her because she has been cutting my hair for longer than I can imagine. She called because she is in a financial bind. I told her I am pretty much tapped out but that if it was something that could be pushed off a few weeks I was about to turn the corner on my money situation and I might be able to help then. She must be pretty desperate as she agreed that should could make that work. It would amount to a substantial loan. It would be money that I would be holding on to for my spring launch for the boat. It would be a big problem if she can't pay me back. Still I think I will help her out as she was very much there for me years ago when it seemed no one else would. Hopefully there is some karmic force that will make this work out.

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