Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Planning a dinner

Being late, not getting enough sleep and having a new blade in my razor can be a very bad combination. I gave myself a nice cut this morning that looks worse than it is. These things usually heal in a day. The reason I didn't sleep was because my phone rang at about 2 AM with a support call from Operations at work. Worse yet is was a problem the resulted from my change. So I looked at it and realized I could resolve it when I come in and sent them instructions and went back to bed. But by then I was fully awake. It probably took 45 more minutes before I finally relaxed enough to sleep again. Needless to say I'm somewhat exhausted today.
I made a call to Carolyn last night. Once again she is just a ball of stress. This time it's her daughter Monica that is making her crazy. Monica is away at school in New Paltz and Carolyn found out yesterday that Monica has a 104 degree fever. She went to the campus medical facility and they recommended she go to the hospital, which she refused to do. Instead she went back to her dorm room and went to bed, which I figure is probably the best thing. I'm sure she was out like a light, so when Carolyn couldn't get a hold of her she reached out to the police who went to the school to make sure she wasn't comatose. In my eyes she was over-reacting, but since I have no kids I can't really say I have her perspective. Carolyn was all set to go up there and bring her home. All I could do is listen. I think maybe she needs that.
Before ending our conversation I suggested she come to my house for dinner on Wednesday night. She said yes. In all time we've spent together the last 6 months or so Carolyn has never seen my house. I was about to stop asking and just was starting to assume she was never going to be that interested. So I was a little surprised that she said okay. Now I need to start thinking about what to cook. I know I shouldn't over think this. Carolyn would be happy as long as we have some wine and cheese.


Josie said...

Sounds like you are in for a nice evening. and I agree about the wine and cheese....Mmmmmmm

Josie said...

Oh and thanks for telling me about the bambino. *blushing* how could i have left him out?!?