Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No More Poor Me

Today might me my last day where I need to count every penny. When I get paid tomorrow I have completed paying back my 2 year loan against my 401K. I've already decided to take another loan but for a lesser amount. My plan is to pay off every other debt I have. There is $2000 I owe my brother and $2000 I have on my Visa. Then I want to make sure I have my boat covered for the next year. Maybe another $3500. My math says I can take a loan and make payments and still clear about $600 more a month that I have been the last 2 years.
I'm really only putting this into the blog because I'm wondering if this will change my life. For as long as I remember I've felt fairly powerless. My situation got so bad I felt like I needed to hold back from everything. I guess there was a time when I was doing all the things I wanted to do and couldn't really afford. I would even give things away to people who I thought really cared about me. I'm never gong to be wealthy but I should be able to enjoy the things other people get to enjoy. A trip every year, going out to dinner and paying the check. How about being able to pay my bills as soon as they arrive and not counting down until payday.
It is my goal that I can be this way and not ask for more than that. I also think - and I hate that this may even be true - but I think if I can feel like I can take a woman out and pay for it that I will feel like "the man". I believe this empowerment will generate an attractiveness that has been missing for a long time.

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Josie said...

Sounds like a great financial plan. $600 more a month sounds heavenly.

And having the extra money will boost your self confidence and obv self confidence is sexy. (see very josie for an example)