Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big Dinner Coming

Struggling with allergies again. Bad day for this since I'm planning to have Carolyn come for dinner tonight. Hopefully at some point the pill I took this morning will kick in and I can put the kleenex away. I can only imagine how big a turn-off it must be to sit and watch me wheeze and sneeze.
I decided to make my homemade baked ziti. I spent 2 hours last night doing the prep work and there is now a pan in my refrigerator that is ready for the oven. Just need to pre-heat the oven then cook for 45 minutes and viola! dinner. It is a work day so I don't expect it to be a late night but I'm certainly open to anything. I haven't gotten a woman into my bed since April. I should be happy just to have someone to spend the evening with.
So I have wine and cheese, dinner ready for the oven, music is picked out and I even have my cleaning lady there today so all should look nice.

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