Monday, November 7, 2011

Things happen ....

When I least expect it. On Saturday I got a text message from Coleen. For some strange reason I'd been thinking about her a lot lately. I'd been missing her. I know she was now involved with this guy Tommy and last I'd heard she was about half moved in with him so I had tried to put her out of my mind and felt like I had been fairly successful. I had been spending a lot of time with Carolyn so it has been easy to not think about Coleen.
But for some strange reason I found myself in the bar on Friday night half hoping she would be there. She was not. So I just chalked it up to her no longer being around and that I was probably better off.
Saturday morning I decided I needed to make it into the gym. I called Lisa up because I just needed someone to push me to go. But she had met her sister at the gym on Friday. So I gave myself a pep talk and went to the gym. My allergies are still really bad so it was a very difficult work out. In fact I pretty much quit half was through. I grab my stuff and head for the car and before pulling out I noticed my phone has a text message. It was Coleen saying "hey stranger". In was only from a minute before. Would that be "kismet"?
I call her up and she says she had been having an urge for Indian food for lunch and would I like to go. She wanted to drive so she picked me up and we spent the afternoon together, as friends like we have always been. I had no idea why suddenly she was available until much later. At about dinner time she said she was going to make her parents dinner and we should go out on Sunday and watch football. I was not sure but said I would let her know Sunday. I was becoming suspicious as to why she wasn't hanging out with her boyfriend and I even asked about it. She said her was working but he can't be working around the clock. But I just let it go.
On Sunday she sent me a text asking me to come out for the game and I felt like it would be fun. So I met her at the bar. She invited me to dinner and that was she said she was moving her stuff out of Tommy's house as she wasn't planning to spend any time there. Immediately I realized why she was around.
They must have had a fight. I don't want to play this out. It always ends badly for me. It not like I don't know what I'm doing. I just shouldn't get my hopes up. I know she just wants me around until either she makes it up with Tommy or she finds her next thing. I'll never be the "It" guy.
I wish I could handle these things better. Carolyn is away and I made a promise to check on things at her house. I should probably focus on that.

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Josie said...

ugh. enjoy yourself but be careful so as not to get hurt. easier said than done, I know.