Monday, November 14, 2011

Tide and Time wait for no man

I've got a few minutes. That's plenty of time for what my life is right now. There is always a change I get on a pretty good rant and then this gets out of control. When I wake up tomorrow morning I'll have money again. I made it through the weekend with only having to do a few things. I had to get cat litter. If you have owned a cat then you know that is not something you should ever run out of. And now that Tigger is getting older it seems he uses it more. And it seems much more smelly now than it used to be. Poor guy, it sucks to get old. He's not so old her can't catch the occasional rodent. He brought home what I think was a mole, although it was so chewed up I may have been a mouse. Yuck. It's the second one since spring.
I managed to make it to today with the same $5 bill that I had last Monday. My Visa has all on $5 left on the credit line. My checking balance still has $69 but there is a $60 debit still pending so really there is less than $10.
Tomorrow I get paid and from that I will immediately pay my mortgage, and Visa. That's about $1000. Then $50 for the cleaning lady. Another $140 for car insurance. $10 for the gym membership. I think I'll have about $500 left. And then there will only be just one last payment on my loan. On December 2nd I will be free to take another loan. I'll need to do the math on that and see if it works.
With all those money issues hanging over me I didn't get out at all over the weekend. I tried to call Carolyn but never got a return call. I'm fine with that. Couldn't do anything with her anyway. I got my boat all winterized. I only need to secure it into a winter spot in the marina. Basically I just move to a slip that is a little more protected. Next weekend or Thanksgiving, still not sure.

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