Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And now for something different

This is somewhat off topic from my usual blog posts but what the heck, it's my blog and I can do what I want. I'm probably going to jinx it but I've somehow managed to be in first place in my fantasy football league. After last year's last place finish I was considering why I was still involved. I have a tendency to latch on to players that are about over the hill. For some reason this year I've been rolling nothing but sevens, so to speak. After 9 weeks I am 7 and 2. There are only 4 weeks to go and while there are a lot of teams at 6 and 3 there is only one other team tied with me.
My QB is the DET guy Matt Stafford and since he had last week off I needed to pick up someone. My draft got so messed up I didn't have a back up that was playing. I started the season with Carson Palmer, got nervous and dropped him for Jon Beck. Since neither one was playing I dropped Beck when Chad Henne got hurt and took a flyer on Matt Moore. I considered dropping him to Tim Tebow but decided to ride it out. And what does Moore do last Sunday but have the game of his life. 3 TDs and no INTs. I needed a kicker and saw Nick Folk out there for the Jets and snapped him up. He goes to Buffalo and kicks a 50 and 40 something yard FG and gets me 10 points. And I end up winning by 5 so I needed every point. It's crazy but all my moves so far have worked out.
I'm already looking toward next weeks match. The guy I play has a team loaded with Dallas. He has the Dallas coach, defense, kicker and quarterback (Romo). Dallas plays Buffalo and he also has the top Buffalo runningback (Jackson). So it looks like my fate will depend almost on just one game. I need Buffalo to win but not so much that Jackson scores a lot. Of course if my guys score it won't matter what happens.
Not much else going on. My money situation is still bad. $5 in my pocket and less than $10 in my account. My Visa still has a few $$ so I'm close to the edge but not over it. Payday is next Tuesday and there are no bills due until after that. Just will need to be a quiet weekend. I don't want to borrow any money. I still have December 10 targeted for getting money from 401k. Then maybe life can ease up on me.

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