Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A lot about nothing

Got nothing today. I'm just 1 day closed to getting paid. The countdown is not T minus 6 days and counting. There is a weekend between then and now so I'll be spending my time this weekend doing little to nothing. I did spend $20 last night on groceries. I needed stuff to make for lunch as there is no way I'm not getting lunch. I put it on the charge card, which still has about $35 left before hitting the max. So here are my numbers ... a $5 bill in my pocket, a balance of less than $10 on checking and a Visa with less than $40. On the plus side my utilities, cable, phone and insurance bills are up to date. The winter fee for boat storage is covered until December. My next big bill is my $800+ mortgage on the 15th.
There are things I'd like to buy but nothing I need to buy so all in all I'm about okay. My dilemma is that Carolyn is back from her trip and my guess is she will want me to come around and do something. I'll either beg off or confess my broke-ness. She is fairly understanding and we aren't getting romantic so there is little point to me being evasive. It's just the shame factor that makes it tough. Not a lot of pride left for a man when too broke to even buy coffee.
I made a stop at my sister's last night since she has been giving me a hard time about not coming around more. I get there and her driveway is full of cars. Obviously she was having company. So I never went in. I guess I will try again later this week.
I made through 2 days without hearing from Coleen. I'm tempted to reach out to her but I'm afraid to start falling into the old routine where I see her but she sees me only as an alternative. There is something going on but I'm not anxious to be a part of that. But the CMA's are on TV tonight so I may just see if she is watching. I really need to not like her so much but it really is hard.

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