Friday, November 4, 2011

Allergy Blues.

I have been suffering from my allergies for way too long now. My allergist warned me a few months ago that I was not getting my shots as often as I should. There is an assortment of reasons as to why I had been going about every 2 months or so. First it is money, it costs $25 each time I go and while at the moment it doesn't seem like much it usually ends up a problem when I'm making choices between gas or food or allergy shot. Seems like the shot always goes to the bottom of my priority list. Then there is the fact that since I'd moved a year and a half ago I am now a full 45 minutes from the Doctor's office. I've made inquiries to find an Allergist closer but the only day available is Thursday and I need an appointment and I keep forgetting.
Since I hadn't shown any symtoms I kept blowing things off but now I've been stuffed up since I've been back from florida and I wasn't doing so great before I left for vacation. I know it's my own cat doing it to me but I can't blame Tigger. It's not like he wants me to be allergic. So even though I got my shots on Monday I'm getting worse every day. I've started to double dose the Zyrtec by taking one at night and another in the morning. It has had little or no effect.
My only real hope is that by December I'll be able to cash out some 401k money and be able to afford the additional expense. You see, before I purchased my Co-op I took a 2 year note against the 401k and it now has just one more month left. That is $800 a month. I figure to bang out another 2-year loan for $9000. I calculated my payments to be about $400 monthly. So I can increase my income a little less but I can take the money and pay off everything and maybe have some extra for whatever rainy day I might see. Right now I owe my brother Brian $2000, my dentist $140, and my winter storage for the boat is another $800. And I would love to rid myself of my $2000 Visa debt. I can do all that and still have $4000. I have December 10th circled on my calendar.

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Josie said...

That's only a month away. I'm gonna circle Dec 10th on my calendar too!