Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fly High

Today is the big day. I get paid today and already the entire amount is pretty much all allocated. But I anticipate my next move will be to apply for a new 401K loan which will take 5 to 7 business days. I figure to have that money in my account by next Friday. So I am holding off sending out some of my bills so I at least have some pocket money.
My first purchase was to buy tickets to a show that Carolyn is anxious to go to. The date of the show is 2 weeks from tomorrow so I won't have long to plan things. It's in NYC so I'll need to figure out where to go before and maybe even after.
I made several phone calls last night. At least one was way over due. I called Janet who I have not seen socially since the summer. We chatted for about an hour. We made plans for the weekend. As I was doing it I wasn't even sure where I thought this was going. But no one has asked me for any commitment. Freebird.
Then my next phone call was to Carolyn. We discussed the plan of going to the show. I told her I would make it happen as soon as I was in the office. Mission accomplished.
Then I had a text message from Lisa. She is so unhappy. She needs to decide what she wants. She is my oldest friend, but I've also had a crush on her for so long. She knows it. I'm moving on.
I really want to be more assertive now. I can't use the excuse of having no power. I feel that I have all my responsibilities accounted for. Now I want to put my needs out there. How that happens I'll have to wait and see.


Josie said...

Oooo Mama likie!

Mikeg5162000 said...

Let's try to avoid the 'Sex In The City' references, okay.