Thursday, December 1, 2011

Weekend Angst

I've been counting the days until my 401k loan would be paid off. This morning I go into my online account and there it is. No more loan. It's been taken from active to history. So now I can apply for a new one and get some cash. I then started modelling a new loan. See what the payments would be if I took 24 months or 36 months. Should I go for 9k or 11k. Before I could even settle on what I want I noticed something new. Apparently now before applying for a new loan there is a 10 day waiting period. So now I start a new countdown. Looks like I am now waiting until Dec. 10th. This is really going to negatively impact my Christmas shopping. I can wait.
I am having a difficult time sleeping but I'm not sure what the cause is. It's probably everything. I didn't really speak to anyone last night. I was out getting a haircut until almost 9 PM. By the time I finished dinner it was close to 10. Maybe eating so late is my problem.
I have this urge to make plans this weekend but as yet I have not gotten anything done. No one ever commits to whatever I ask. I need to be careful because this is how I end up double booked. I know I had a conversation with Janet about decorating her house for Christmas this weekend. Was it Friday night or Saturday night? Carolyn mentioned going out to see music on Friday but I don't remember if she wanted me to go or not. What really makes it rough is I can't remember if she told me where it was. I have this vague memory of something in Bayshore. It's a long ride.
I hope my Janet thing is Saturday.

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