Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wonderful Christmas Time

Christmas did not end until I got myself a gift. I bought a 46" Sony TV. I was determined to spend no more than $700 and when the sales guy said the price was $899 I said forget it. I asked if it was the one on sale before Christmas for $698. He said he wasn't sure. I was ready to give up and half-hearted-ly looked around at some others. After 10 minutes he came back and said they would give me the sale price... woohoo! I said wrap it up. I decided to get it delivered because they would take away the old one. I put it on my store credit card which means one year interest free. I can pay for it all now but I'm thinking I'll pay $200 a month and have it paid off by the start of baseball.
From there I figured I needed something to put it on.The old TV is a huge console plasma thing but the way the new one is I needed something better to use. My TV bookcase is probably my best piece of furniture so I wanted something that would match to it. The first place I went to had something too small and too expensive. But the second place had what I thought was my exact same bookcase with the middle piece that would be perfect right on display. I was pretty much ready to pay whatever it would cost, but it turned out to be exactly the number I had budgeted... $200. I can't pick it up until a week from Wednesday but it should fit in my car so I'll just go get it then.
So it turned out to be a very good Christmas for me. At least the after Christmas was. The stuff before and during Christmas was all about food and drink. On Friday night I went to my brother's house for a cocktail party. One of his guests was a girl I dated way back in 1980 something. I want to say '82 but maybe I'm off a year or two. Her name is Gina and when we broke up (her idea, but I was fine with it) she found a guy who would be her husband. He was also there. It was nice to see her at first but she seemed more glad to see me than I expected. She was taking to me for a long time. Her hubby was there so it was just seeing al old friend and catching up. I forgot how much fun she was to talk to. She could always make me laugh. It's funny that as we get older and we see someone we once had feelings for they can kind of still be there even 30 years later. I almost wanted to give her my number just so we could talk more, but I thought that wouldn't be anywhere near appropriate.
I spent most of Saturday wrapping and getting ready. I stopped by Lisa's and she let me borrow a pocket printer so I could print pictures for the family. I told her to have a great Christmas to which she just rolled her eyes and said she would talk to me later. There is trouble in paradise and she is not enjoying the holiday at all. I should have hopes but I still do. It looks like she has her next thing lined up. She has dropped the name of a guy she works with a few times and I know she has a plan, twisted as it may be. As details are revealed I will relay them in the blog. For starters I know he is married.
Lisa stopped by on Christmas day and I decided not to give her the nice jewelery I bought for her. She didn't have a gift for me so I held my gift back. I will either return it or her birthday is just 6 weeks away so I can always give it to her then. Meanwhile I we made a plan to get together on Monday.
After Lisa left I went to Carolyn's for dinner. I considered not giving her the jewelry I got for her since I am rethinking our time together. She had bought me a present and it wasn't anything really special is was something nice. So I broke and gave it to her anyway. And of course she loved it. We had a nice dinner with her kids.

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