Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa is coming to town

I have 15 minutes to post before I go to a meeting. There isn't much to say so I can fit this in. I am working my way through getting all my money issues out of the way. Now that I've got the cash from my retirement account I can pay my VISA bill off, and pay my brother the money he is owed. I'll have enough to take care of any other expenses between now and spring. I will still try to keep a budget but at least I can make any payments that come due.
I spent last evening home doing very little. There were no phone calls in or out. I just made myself a nice dinner and chilled in from of my broken tv. I will consider getting a new one but not until at least after Christmas. I plan to get a few more presents for people over the next 3 days. I can't decide if presents for Carolyn or Lisa is warranted. I'd like to get something appropriate. My status is somewhat in limbo with each of them. My plan is to stop in Macy's at least one more time and see if something in the jewelry counter strikes me. I'm considering earrings for under $50 might be just the thing.

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